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Life at OE Federal

When you become an employee of OE Federal, you become part of union-strong family built on loyalty and financial responsibility.

We are family

If you come work for us, we'll consider you a part of our family—and we take great care of our family. Enjoy plenty of benefits and a team you'll love spending time with.

This is a lifestyle

Why have a mere career when you can embrace a lifestyle? OE Federal is centered on true values, like responsibility and loyalty, and a mission to help teach sound financial practices.

We work hard

This is more than just a 9-5, punch-clock job. You'll have the opportunity to solve complex problems with co-workers who are just as committed as you are.

We are proud

We are proud to be a credit union that's for unions and by unions. Our credit union members promote trust and unity in their communities, and we strive to follow their example.

Behind the Scenes

We work hard and play hard, together. OE Federal is a place for growth, learning, and tons of fun!

Today, more than 50 years since our
founding, we are made up of:









Benefits and Perks of working here

Union Membership

Employees of OE Federal enjoy the many perks and benefits of union membership.

Profit Sharing

Each year we exceed capital growth goals, we share the profits with our employees.

Paid Time Off

Employees of OE Federal get paid holidays and generous paid time off.

Health Insurance

We offer comprehensive benefits including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.

Retirement Plans

OE Federal offers a 401(k) and pension plan to help employees save for retirement.

  • Account Services Team

    Diligently managing member files behind-the-scenes, processing online memberships and answering member account questions, members of the Account Services Team are OE Federal's unsung heroes. They also manage IRAs, trusts and accounts for deceased members.


    Operations Support Representative I
  • Branch Network Team

    We're building relationships with our members so we can help solve their problems and improve their lives. At 24 branch locations in six western states, our Branch Network Team meets face to face with our members to build relationships, solve problems and help them achieve their financial goals.


    Branch Manager – Pleasanton
    Branch Teller – Reno, NV
    Branch Operations Specialist – Bay Area
    Branch Teller – Modesto, CA
  • Call Center Team

    Our friendly voice on the other end of the phone line. This team answers member calls, providing account assistance, and troubleshooting any problems members may have with online or mobile banking.


    Member Services Representative I – Call Center
  • IT Networks & IT Operations Teams

    The IT crowd keeps all of our systems, hardware and software safe, secure and running smoothly.


    Information Security Analyst