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It's no secret that COVID-19 is impacting many people's day to day lives. When it comes to your money, we want you to know that we're here for you and any concerns you may have. Here are some tips from our friends at BALANCE who are just as dedicated to your financial well being as we are.

  • Make a List: Write down how much money you have and any upcoming bills. Will you be required to take unpaid time off? If numbers aren’t adding up or you’re worried about how to make the money you have last, call a BALANCE counselor today to help you create a plan.


  • Prioritize: Organize your list of bills by importance. For instance, paying your rent/mortgage should be at the top of the list while your gym membership and Netflix subscription can fall towards the bottom.


  • Reach Out: Call up your creditors and/or lenders to discuss temporary relief. They may have programs in place that allow you to skip your payments during these difficult times. Need help with this? BALANCE can help you with how to approach this situation and work with you on things like getting student loan payments deferred.


  • Get Informed: BALANCE has a whole toolkit for surviving a financial crisis filled with information on topics such as making the most of a reduced paycheck, avoiding rescue scams, applying for unemployment, and much more. Learn more about their Surviving a Financial Crisis Toolkit.


  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help: BALANCE Financial Coaches are dedicated to helping you through your financial journey – that includes tough times like these. Whether you’re in need of making your budget work or just need confirmation that you’ve added up your numbers correctly, give BALANCE a call. Counselors are standing by to help make these times as comfortable as possible.

Contact BALANCE 1-800-777-7526