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Our hearts are with our members and our union families affected by the fires. If you have been affected by the fires, contact us, let us help you. Call us at 800.877.4444.

Our financial education partner, Balance, provides some important information on financial emergency assistance.

Their Financial Relief Hotline is (888) 262-4327

If you need assistance due to a financial emergency, property loss, or another urgent money issue created as a result of the fire, BALANCE offers the following services:

  • Priority-Caller Status. If you have been impacted by the fires, you will receive priority status when you call BALANCE. They’ll do their best to rush your call to the front of the holding queue, and to get you the help you need ASAP.

Members can call BALANCE’s Financial Relief Hotline at (888) 262-4327

  • Personalized Counseling. BALANCE’s financial counselors are experts when it comes to dealing with fallout from a natural disaster. Whether you need to budget after a crisis, recover from losing a home, or contact creditors, they offer one-on-one assistance.
  • Online Resources. Fire victims can research action steps online through these helpful resources:

How to Manage Your Money After a Natural Disaster

Additional resources to help you recover from the financial impact of catastrophe

FEMA’s eBook, After the Fire! Returning to Normal

FEMA logo

While we can’t change the damage the fire has caused, we’re  ready to help our members get their financial lives back on track.

OE Federal retains data and copies of many important documents that fire victims may need to access.

Membership files may contain copies of driver’s licenses and other identification tools, and Real Estate files often contain property appraisals and insurance documentation, both of which may be beneficial to affected members.

Please call 800.877.4444 for more information.