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Although being sheltered in place has been tough, we have found new ways to celebrate each other. A car parade is a great example of how to show our kindness and positivity to those we care about.

A car parade can be used for a graduation, birthday, or just to show someone that you care!

Consider these things to help you plan a car parade:

  1. Review local laws. You may need to wear a mask or keep the participants outside their vehicles to a minimum.
  2. Send out an invite. Be specific about the timing, rules, and theme.
  3. Make some signs. Decorate the front of your home and lawn to match the theme.
  4. Prepare some favors. Set up a basket of individually wrapped treats near your home for your “guests.”
  5. Get creative. Attach a stuffed glove to a long pole to create a 6-foot high-fiver or set up a lawn birthday party of stuffed animals.
  6. Have fun! Have a positive attitude. It’s your party — enjoy!