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Money is hard

We understand how challenging it is managing a career, a household, and your money. Life is good when you know the best financial decision at the right time. That’s why we provide short and easy lessons to help you make the right financial decision on the things that matter.

Fraud Protection

Keep Your Money Safe: learn how to outsmart the scammers here.

Quick Interactive Lessons

We're invested in the interests of our OE Federal family. That's why we've put together these short, informative lessons to help you learn the ins and outs of money management.

Auto Loans

You’re ready to buy a car, learn about the loan options you have, how to calculate your payment.


Learn the ins and outs of mortgages and how to get the most out of the home buying process.

Credit Cards

Learn how to compare credit cards, pay off your balance, and about your rights as a consumer.

More Lessons

Ready for more? These lessons are easy to understand and at just under three minutes, they won't take much time at all.

Online Webinars

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interests." -Benjamin Franklin

Your future matters. We know that, so we put together resources and tools to help you build equity in yourself.

Federal vs. Private Student Loans

In this webinar, we’ll review the differences between the options so that you can select the loans that are best suited for your individual circumstances.

Are You Financially Healthy

Financial health is about so much more than your credit score. True financial health is based on four key components: Spend, Save, Borrow, and Plan. In this webinar, you'll also get a chance to confidentially determine your own Financial Health Score and the steps you can take to improve that score.

Credit Card Makeover: Getting Out of Debt

Credit cards can be a great financial tool, but for some can lead to debt and financial trouble. This workshop provides an overview of credit card usage, warning signs of credit issues, and options for debt management and reconstructing existing credit.

Blogs & More

Review our latest posts on finance, budgeting, and what's new at OE Federal.

Money Wise Challenge

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Holiday Spending eBook

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Buying and Keeping A Car

Buying and Keeping a Car Making sure you make the right financial decisions is a priority at OE Federal Credit...

More from the Blog

We're committed to providing you with information so you can make smart financial decisions. Check out our blog to find out more.