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Apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit between October 15th and December 15th and get 1.00% APR discount*!

– 3.250% APR* current variable rate –

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So what can I use my HELOC for?!

Home Upgrades – Whether you’re looking to add new cabinets to the kitchen, new furniture on the patio or a fresh coat of paint to the living room, a HELOC is a great way to tackle those expenses without dishing out a huge chunk from your savings.



School – With students doing distance learning, school supply needs may go further than just pencils and paper. Use your HELOC to get all the items your kids will need to have a successful year at home.



Consolidation – Credit debt can creep up on your quickly and quietly. Consolidate your credit card debt with a HELOC and pay down that debt faster with a lower rate.



Holiday Expenses – The holidays are approaching and with that comes the need to purchase more groceries for family dinners, gifts for our loved ones, and sometimes traveling is a must in order to see everyone. These costs add up quickly, but a HELOC can help you tackle these expenses.



endless road

The possibilities are endless – Seriously, there’s so much you can do with a HELOC and you shouldn’t feel limited to home projects only. Apply for a HELOC today and start using that hard earned equity of yours to fund your life!




Click to apply today!

*Offer available on Home Equity Lines of Credit only. 1.00% APR discount off the start rate is valid for Home Equity Lines of Credit originated and funded between October 15th- December 15th 2020 only. Start rate is the Prime Rate plus any assigned margin based on your credit worthiness. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The APR will vary with the Market based on the Prime Rate. Rate as low as 2.250% | 2.286% APR for this promotion. Maximum line amount in $250,000. At any time, member may elect to take either their entire balance or a portion of their balance and transfer that amount into a fixed rate loan at no cost. Fixed rate conversions are subject to current market pricing at the time of conversion. Estimated monthly interest only payment is $46.88 on an initial advance of $25,000 for a 20-year Home Equity Line of Credit at 2.286% APR. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. OE Federal Credit Union is an equal opportunity lender.