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When you’re in need…

Whether it’s home repairs, a college education, or a new trailer; use your money how you see fit with OE Federal’s Home Equity FlexLOC*.

Our Home Equity FlexLOC* is a variable-rate home equity line of credit that allows you to take your entire balance or a portion of your balance and lock it in at a fixed-rate. That means you can spend your money, how you want. 
Whatever the reason, enjoy these great benefits with a Home Equity FlexLOC*
  • Amounts up to $250,000
  • Up to 3 Separate Fixed-Rate Loans at Any One Time
  • Use Funds Whenever You Want
  • 10-Year Interest Only Draw Period
  • 20-Year Repayment Period
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*Home Equity FlexLOC has a variable-rate; your annual percentage rate (APR) will adjust every 6 months based on the Wall Street Journal prime rate plus a margin, for the life of the line. The maximum APR that may be charged is 12.25%, minimum APR is 3.25%. Home Equity FlexLOC offers a fixed-rate option which you may use for up to 3 conversions at any one time. When you choose this option, the interest rate you receive for that fixed portion will be locked until the balance is repaid. Your fixed interest rate will be determined based on rates at the time you choose this option. The fixed loan option is available for the first 10 years (draw period) of your Home Equity FlexLOC. After the draw period ends you will no longer be able to take advances and must pay the outstanding balance over 20 years. Payment example: If you made the minimum payments (interest only) over the draw period on an advance of $10,000 at a rate of 3.25%, your monthly payment would be $27.68 ([(10,000 x 31) x 3.25%] / 365 = 27.68). Early closure fee of $600 if closed within the first 6 months. Offer and rates subject to change without notice.

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