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Life happens; we get it.

And when life comes at you hard, we want to help you get back to your normal routine fast.

With an OE Federal Quick Loan, you can help make ends meet during a financial setback without having to worry about long repayment terms and high-interest rates.

However, life doesn’t have to throw you a curveball to take advantage of our Quick Loans. Maybe you need a little extra money to get the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of or you’re planning a surprise vacation for the family.

Regardless of the reason you’re in need of funds, put your mind at ease knowing you won’t be stuck with this loan for years on end due to high-interest rates and long terms.

How can you use a Quick Loan?


$500 – $1,000>> Unexpected small car repairs >> Covering bills during a financial setback >> Water heater repair >> New appliances >> School supplies


$1,001 – $2,000>> Unexpected larger car repairs >> Final details to your perfect wedding >> Weekend getaway >> Rent during a financial setback >> Upgraded Appliances


$2,001 – $3,000>> Unexpected hospital visit >> Last-minute family vacation >> Honeymoon >> Home repairs >> Study Abroad


Our Quick Loans weren’t designed to only help those in a pinch, they were designed to help anyone, in any financial situation get a little extra cash to accomplish what’s important to them at any given time. With a low, fixed rate and short repayment term, Quick Loans were designed to get you back to your normal routine…fast!


Apply for a Quick Loan now!