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If you don’t own a motorcycle, there’s lots to consider before purchasing. We want you to have all the right information before you get behind the handlebars and hit the road.

Motorcycle Loan

When you own a motorcycle, it really is all about the ride. It’s who you ride with, where you’re headed, and your ride. Just like cars, there are different types of motorcycles. Doing you research beforehand will help you learn about the different types and sizes of bikes available. Below are just a few of the things to consider before purchasing a motorcycle.

Get what you want

What are you going to use your bike for? Is it for weekend road trips or a daily commuter? All motorcycles come with different benefits so it’s important to know these answers before you begin looking around and comparing models. Think about what you really want.

Average costs

Once you figure out the type of motorcycle you want, you’ll have a better understanding of your price point. In general, motorcycles run between $5,000 and $25,000. If you find something you like research the costs to make sure you’re getting a good deal. OE Federal offers great rates and flexible terms for motorcycle loans. Click here to learn more, call 800.877.4444, or visit your local branch.

Factor in the extras

  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Safety gear such as a helmet, boots, gloves, as well as other protective gear


You can buy a new or used motorcycle from a dealership or you can buy from a private seller. One reason to buy from a dealership is selection, as well as the option of a service department for maintenance or mechanical issues.

If you’re looking for financing, OE Federal offers motorcycle loans to fit your lifestyle and budget. Click here to learn more, call 800.877.4444, or visit your local branch.

No matter what type of motorcycle you decide to get, make sure you do your homework. The more you know, the happier you’ll be on the road.