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Member Testimonials

See what OE Federal members are saying. We love to hear comments from our members. If you’d like to share your experience, please contact us to tell us how we’re doing.

I love how the credit union staff know the members by name…I’m impressed with the relationships [they have] formed with the members…staff treat us like family.

Nate T.

Stockton Branch

Member Since 1998

"They are not just a bank! They are personal financial counselors and they are family. So friendly, yet professional and most important, they represent our Union!"

Monica and Don B.

Rohnert Park Branch

Member Since 1990


"[They] did a great job in gettinig me a car loan and opening up a Visa for my son!"

Glenn G.

Stockton Branch 

Member Since 1982


"We have taken advantage of two offers, the Visa STEEL Credit Card and our Auto Loan. Both of these have helped out so much in our everyday lives. We feel that banking at OE Federal our account is safe. All the staff at our branch are very friendly and make you feel very welcome. They go out of their way to help all members."

Nicholas S.

Stockton Branch

Member Since 2007


“After retirement, we never considered changing banks, even after relocating to another state. The care and integrity of the OE Federal team is, in my opinion, unmatched.”

Sabrina G.

Elko Branch

Member since 1989

"This was my first bank account and I have never been happier. OE Federal is efficient and organized. Also, I like their Online Banking.” 

Sandra M.

Elko Branch

Member since 2001

 “We wouldn’t trade OE Federal for the world, they treat us like family and there very efficient. We especially love the Visa STEEL Rewards Card and use it mainly for our business. Yearly, we redeem our Rewards Points for cash and use them for business related expenses.” 

Kathy C.

Stockton Branch

Member since 2008

“I have had nothing but good experiences with OE Federal. The staff has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. I have even gotten 2 loans and my first credit card with the credit union. Since I have had such good history with OE Federal, I have recommended my family bank with OE Federal."

Eduardo C.

Alameda Branch

Member since 2006

"The tellers are just so special – its not just me they help out. They all know my name and I notice that they pretty much know everyone else’s, and its just a pleasant place to do business. I’ve never been in a bank or credit union like it. I’ll never leave!"

Beverly W.

Dublin Member

Member since 1998

"OE Federal noticed they could help save us money on our current auto loan by refinancing. We were able to lower our monthly payments, as well as take a year off the life of the loan. OE Federal is going to end up saving us around $5,000!"

Courtney W.

Stockton Member

Member since 2011

"OE Federal is the most professional, well staffed and customer (member) oriented organization that I deal with...wish all my transactions were as well valued by other businesses."

Rick S.

Elko Member

Member since 2001

"Every experience I've had while working with OE Federal has been great...due to working out of town 90% of the time, I'm able to do everything that I need to do by simply calling the Rohnert Park branch."

Alex H.

Rohnert Park Member

Member since 2007

"They have made our entire banking experience wonderful...we applied for our home loan and automobile loan, the entire thing was perfect!"

Sherry C.

Elko Member

Member since 2013

“I have to commend the Rohnert Park branch for their excellent customer service. I recently applied for a car loan and not only did the branch make it pain free through the application process, but I also got an excellent rate...I will never bank at a regular banking institution again…OE Federal has been extremely good to me and my family.”

Cynthia O.

Rohnert Park Member

Member since 1989

“I was contacted by your loan representative only hours after applying for a motorcycle loan. I can’t imagine receiving such personal service from a big bank.”

Arnold G.

Alameda Member

Member since 2003

“The staff at the OE Federal Branch in Dublin are hardworking, efficient, and helpful…they set a good example of being member focused.”

Maryann C.

Dublin Member

Member since 2006

"We were recently made aware of a drop in interest rates by a Member Services Representative and a loan modification could be done on our mortgage saving us over $160 a month…it required very little money and even less time…no other institution would do that."

Kevin and Carol M.

Auburn Member

Member since 1990

"I have never had a bad story with OE Federal...the staff is wonderful. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the level of service given to me."

Gary F.

Dublin Member

Member since 1969

"Dealing with OE Federal Real Estate Department was completely opposite of the experience we had with the bank. We were even able to get a lower interest rate...The process was simple and streamlined, it was almost unbelievable...Based on how this process progressed so smoothly, I will check with OE Federal before getting any future loans."

Gloria L.V.

Dublin Member

Member since 1993

"I'm treated like a person and not a number. You know who I am, which beats any bank or loan company...I will recommend OE Federal to everyone!"

Vicki T.

Elko Member

Member since 2011

"Friendly faces...credit unions are for the member's benefit. Banks are for their own profit."

Sylvia R.B.

Sacramento Member

Member since 1994

"OEFCU now provides all my banking needs...the entire staff has been extremely helpful in all my transactions. They're very knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks OEFCU!"

Rick S.

Elko Member

Member since 2004

"We find it so easy to do all our banking and checking with the credit union...everyone has been so friendly and helpful with my wife and I. Everyone seems to go out of their way to be helpful."

Dan W.

Reno Member

Member since 1973

"I like that they know you and call you by your first name."

Johnnie S.

Stockton Member

Member since 1991

"I have seen OEFCU grow a lot in my 20 plus years as a member...recent experience showed me that the people at OEFCU really do care and that I wasn't lost in a big banking institution. Thanks OEFCU!"

Bob R.

Fairfield Member

Member since 1988

"The way they handle your account is like you're the only person who matters."

Robert T.

Modesto Member

Member since 1974

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