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Being money conscious is an everyday challenge, but what do you do if you want to plan for an upcoming vacation?

March always seems to be the time we start thinking about vacation and how we can afford or save for it. Consider these get tips when starting to plan.

>> Check AirBNB for cheaper rentals.

>> Don’t pay full price for any attraction before checking online for coupons. Click here to check out our benefits and discounts page.

>> House-swap with someone who lives in the location you’re visiting.

>> Research free attractions in the area such as fun splash pads, free factory tours, waterways and hiking trails.

>> If vacationing is a serious drain on your budget, consider opening a vacation account with OE Federal.

>> Bring your own food from home instead of dining out. Pack a griddle or a portable grill.

>> When traveling isn’t an option, stay close to home. Visit places that have no or low entrance fees, like conservatories and zoos. Make the most of the parks, playgrounds and waterways near your home.