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Start 2018 off by taking the right steps
towards financial freedom.

Introducing The Money Wise Challenge.

How it works

The Money Wise Challenge helps you to create an emergency fund and set a goal of $1,000.

Challenge participants will receive a Money Wise t-shirt, weekly emails on helpful ways to save money, and resources to help make wise financial decisions.

It's easy to participate:

1. Set a goal of $1,000 and sign up for the Money Wise Challenge below.

2. Learn new spending habits and get resources that will help you make smarter financial decisions.

3. Once you've reached your goal, email Jessica Gunston-Parks, Marketing Manager,
at, who will confirm your goal has been met.

Set Your Goal

Set an emergency fund goal of $1,000.

Learn New Spending Habits

You'll recieve weekly emails on helpful ways to save money.

Become Money Wise

Take the right step towards financial freedom.

Sign Up Here

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Get more educational resources to help you make better financial decisions.