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Beginning April 1, 2015, you may notice your statement will look a little different. OE Federal has redesigned the statement to help you find the information you need more easily. Within your statement a "How to Read Your Statement" insert is provided to help you navigate through the newly designed statement. Or, you can view the "How to Ready Your Statment" insert by clicking here.

We believe this new layout will greatly improve the way you read your statements. We hope you enjoy our new statement layout.

If you have any questions about your statement, please call (800) 877-4444.


At OE Federal Credit Union we care about you. We don’t see you as just a member, but more as Union family. And the great thing about family is that they always have your back. That’s why last year we gave back over $558,500, and it all started with you.

So how were we able to give back over half a million dollars? With your continued support, this incredible feat was comprised of three parts: Loyalty Dividend, Auto Bonus, and Union Rebate.

In December 2014, a loyalty dividend of $189,000 was declared and awarded to members. This is a continuous program where we give back 1% of the total interest paid on OE Federal Loans.

The next was through our $100 Auto Bonus Deposit. To show our gratitude we gave each member who financed or refinanced their Auto Loan with OE Federal $100, totaling over $323,000.

Lastly, we donated over $46,700 to Local Union Charities through our Union Visa Rebate Program. When you use your Visa STEEL or Visa STEEL Rewards card 1% of the total annual interest paid is donated by the credit union to a Local Union Charity. Meaning every purchase you make using your Visa STEEL or Visa STEEL Rewards card is helping a Local Union Charity in need.

We want to thank you for your help on this amazing achievement and look forward to another amazing year.


With Valentine’s and President’s Day around the corner, many will be using this time to enjoy a quick weekend getaway. If it is anything like last year, the majority will be traveling in pairs. According to TripAdvisor, out of the 5,000 people they surveyed last year, 92% of couples took a trip. So, whether you are looking for the perfect getaway or the place to pop the big question, here are 5 of the most visited incredible destinations for your trip:

San Francisco, CA – ‘When the lights go down in the city, and the sun shines on the bay’

Las Vegas, NV – Viva Las Vegas!

Honolulu, HI – Can you say Sunset on the Beach?

New York City, NY – Nothing like the Big Apple…

Miami, FL – Muy Caliente!

No matter where your weekend takes you, know we are always there for you, especially when you need us most. Whether you’re in a bind or want to purchase the perfect gift for your Valentine, you can rely on us for the big things in life by using your OE Federal Visa STEEL Rewards Card. The best part, enjoy a gift from us with the Rewards Points you earn with every purchase.


Source: McFadden, Katie (2014, Feb 05) Valentine’s Day: Top 10 Romantic Hotels in the US, Travelers Today.


2014 was a big year for OE Federal. It marked the 50th Anniversary since the inception of the Credit Union.

To celebrate this milestone and thank our members for their support, we held two major sweepstakes: One for a brand new 2014 Ford Mustang, the other for ten 50,000 Rewards Points prizes.

For the Ford Mustang sweepstakes, members who financed a loan with OE Federal between January 1st and October 31stwere automatically entered into a drawing. After all the entries were collected, we’re happy to announce that Operating Engineers Local #3 members, Kevin and Jennifer Dann are owners of a brand new 2014 Ford Mustang.

Our Swipe and Win sweepstakes took place from June 16th through November 16th. OE Federal gave ten separate 50,000 Rewards Points to ten lucky winners. Members were automatically entered every time they used their Visa STEEL Rewards Card between June 16th and November 16th. After 5 months of transactions and entries, our ten lucky winners are: Lon Snow, Dennis Hively, Gloria Clem, Mr. & Mrs. David Coveney, Marianne Moore, Meredith Jung, Marian Holmes, Bill Boyle, Mr. & Mrs. William Williamson, and Joan Honebein.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to our members for making the last 50 years a success. May OE Federal go on to celebrate another 50 years, and who knows what we will be giving away then!


With traveling to family, shopping for gifts, and buying decorations, it’s safe to say that your card spends just as much time out of your wallet as it does in it during the holidays. In fact, the National Retail Federation forecasts that holiday spending will rise 4.1% this holiday season. This statistic will not only be interesting to you, but also to those looking to steal your identity. With more spending, comes more opportunities for your identity to be stolen. Check out these ten tips to help prevent you from becoming a victim of identity theft during the holidays:

1. Use a Secure Site When Shopping Online

Whenever giving financial information over the internet make sure the URL has a picture of a padlock next to it and starts with https instead of http – the s stands for secured.

2. Pay with Cash or Credit

When using cash no personal information is exchanged and the next best thing in regards to protection is to use credit instead of debit.

3. Be Proactive

Copy both sides of your credit cards and keep them in a safe place at home. In case they are stolen, you will able to quickly contact the Credit Union and put a hold on your cards.

4. Keep Money and Credit Cards in a Safe Place

Yes, in this digital world people still pick-pocket. Make sure to keep your wallet or purse in a safe place when shopping in crowded malls or anywhere someone can accidentally bump you and snag your wallet, or even worse your identity.

5. Don't Leave Valuables in Your Car When Shopping

While you are thinking about what’s the perfect gift for your friend in the store, someone can be thinking about the perfect way to get into your car in the parking lot. Prevent the desire by keeping all valuable items and personal information in the trunk away from plain sight.

6. Be Leery of People Looking Over Your Shoulder 

With the advances in technology for cell phones, that person that looks like they are texting their friend can also be snapping a picture of your credit card to use in their online endeavors. Always be aware of your surroundings and make sure to have your information and card out in the open as little as possible.

7. Be Sure Your Charitable Donations are Given to Legitimate Organizations

In the season of giving, make sure you are giving to who you think you are. Research the organizations before you donate, or when possible donate in cash so none of your personal information is tied to the transaction.

8. Never Shop Through E-Mail

Email is an easy unsecure way for hackers to intercept your personal information; most of the time they aren’t even the legitimate resource you think they are. For more information on Email Fraud, click here to read this article by our partners at BALANCE.

9. Check Your Statements Twice

Especially during the holiday season. With so many transactions, it’s very easy for something to slip through the cracks. Check your statements to be sure all of your purchases are accurate and nothing looks suspicious.

10. Write "Check Photo ID" on the Back of Your Credit Cards

This is just another measure to ensure no one will use your credit card in stores other than you. If a cashier checks your card against your photo ID, it just adds another layer of protection.

OE Federal is dedicated to the security and safety of our members. If you feel your identity has been compromised, click here to learn what to do.

If your debit/credit card is lost or stolen, contact the Credit Union immediately by calling: 800.877.4444 or 800.682.6075.

Keep yourself safe, keep your identity safe, and enjoy the holidays.

Happy Holidays from OE Federal.

Morad, Renee. (2014, Nov 26). Top 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Identity Theft. http://www.lifelock.com/education/crimes/top-10-tips-to-avoid-holiday-identity-theft/


For a third year in a row, OE Federal held a Create-A-Greeting Card Contest for employees’ children and grandchildren giving them the opportunity to submit holiday themed artwork for the 2014 greeting card. There were two categories; Category 1 for kindergarten through second grade and Category 2 for third grade through fifth grade. All artwork submitted was judged by a committee of OE Federal employees and the winning artwork will be the 2014 OE Federal Credit Union Holiday Card.

We were delighted by the number of entries and the creativity of the children. Great care was given when the children created their artwork.

The winners for the 2014 Create-A-Greeting Card Contest are as follows; winner in Category 1 for kindergarten through second grade: Kaetlyn S. and winner in Category 2 for third grade through fifth grade: Rutvi B.

Thank you to all the children who submitted artwork and we can’t wait to see what will be created in 2015!

You can view all of the wonderful artwork submitted by clicking here.


If Black Friday is anything like last year, shoppers will spend over an estimated $59.1 Billion over the 4-day weekend. Between the night after the big turkey and the early bird specials, over 307 million people will be out shopping in stores this Black Friday. With the crowd and the array of deals it is easy to get caught up in the mess.

The most common purchases for Black Friday in years past have been Apparel with 64%, Electronics with 47% and Food/Beverage and Entertainment purchases tied for third with 46%. Although they are the top purchases they might not be the best for your wallet.

At OE Federal we are always trying to give our members the upper hand financially, that is why we created these 5 tips to help you with your Black Friday shopping:

  1. Do NOT buy Toys – Though the majority of retailers release Toy Catalogues separate from their original ads for the special weekend, Black Friday is not the best time to buy toys. As much as getting all of your Christmas toy shopping done a month in advance, it will feel even better when you purchase those toys at a lower price two weeks before Christmas versus Black Friday.
  2. Do NOT buy Brand Name TV’s – Though Electronics and Entertainment rank high in the percentage of sales on Black Friday, buying a Brand Name TV may be a bad move. Though Black Friday advertises many rock bottom TV prices they are not the best sales you can get on Brand Name TV’s. Though the third tier models will be at their lowest price tag, you will find later December and possibly January the price tags for Brand Name TV’s will drop to an all time low before they roll out their 2015 models.
  3. Waiting til Cyber Monday might save you a pretty penny in Apparel – Although Cyber Monday tends to offer fewer technology deals, it is the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to clothing and shoe deals. For the past few Cyber Mondays there has been an average of 45% more clothing deals offered than Black Friday.
  4. Bring Ads with You - Bring sales ads with you so you can have them available if you need to call a store out on their “lowest price guarantee.” Many stores have a policy that will allow them to match or beat a lower advertised price, but will require you to show the ad as proof to process the price difference. 
  5. Use the Right Credit Card – Using the right credit card can help ensure you get the most bang for buck on Black Friday. Depending on the benefits and reward points on your credit card you might be able to get more for making the same purchases you would have without your credit card. An example would be your OE Federal Visa STEEL Rewards Card. Between the Rewards Points and the Cash back Loyalty Dividend you earn, you are making every deal that much sweeter.

Use these 5 tips along with your OE Federal Visa STEEL Rewards Card to make this Black Friday and Cyber Monday the best yet!

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As 2014 comes to a close, so does our Swipe & Win 50,000 Rewards Points Sweepstakes. Now is your last chance to enter - simply purchase items using your Visa STEEL Rewards Card by November 16th.  

With every purchase you are entered to win one of ten 50,000 Rewards Points prizes. Visa STEEL Rewards Points can be redeemed for air travel, hotel stays, car rentals, gift cards, and even cash. 

Make sure to use your Visa STEEL Rewards Card from now until November 16th to better your chances on being a winner. To learn more about our Sweepstakes, click here.


OE Federal Credit Union is aware of the payment and card compromise potentially affecting Home Depot customers in early April through September 2014. We have limited information at this time; however, the compromise may include OE Federal Visa debit and credit cards.

OE Federal is monitoring how this compromise may impact OE Federal members and are taking steps to protect our members’ accounts from fraudulent activity.

If you made a purchase at Home Depot in April through September of this year, we encourage you to closely monitor your Visa and/or checking account over the next few months and notify us immediately, if you find any unauthorized activity. 

If your OE Federal Visa debit or credit card has been identified as being compromised, we will notify you, close your current account and reissue you a new account under a new number to protect you from unauthorized charges.

We encourage you to monitor your account activity by using any of OE Federal’s convenient online services:

To report unauthorized activity on your account, notify us immediately by calling (800) 877-4444.

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this matter. OE Federal Credit Union takes this 3rd party security breach seriously, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (800) 877-4444.

Home Depot offers Identity Protection Services
Home Depot released a statement on September 8, 2014, offering free identity protection services and credit monitoring to any customer who shopped at a Home Depot store in April and on. For more information regarding these services, visit the Home Depot website at www.homedepot.com or call 1(800) HOME DEPOT or (800) 466-3337.


As a member of OE Federal Credit Union, you have the privilege of receiving outstanding benefits and discounts. Sprint is just one example.

If you’re looking to save on your wireless bill, then it might be time to say hello to our Sprint Credit Union Member Discount! As a member of OE Federal Credit Union, you can save up to hundreds on your wireless bill each year.

Ways you can save:


  • Get a 10% discount on select regularly priced Sprint monthly service
  • Have your activation fee on new lines waived (up to $36 in savings)
  • Have your upgrade fee waived (up to $36 in savings)
  • Use Corporate ID: NACUC_ZZM to claim your discount

3 Ways to Get Your Discount:

  • Call 877.SAVE.4CU (877.728.3428) and let them know you’re a credit union member and use one of the Corporate ID numbers above.
  • Click LoveMyCreditUnion.org/Sprint
  • Visit your nearest Sprint store

Start saving today with the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount.

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