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Digital banking is the way of the world and it does make life a whole lot easier. But the only thing is, we have so many different accounts these days, how do we keep on top of them? That’s where OnTrack – Personal Finance Manager comes in. OE Federal’s Personal Finance Manager is a great way to sync all of your accounts together in one place and build a stronger financial future.

If you are signed up for OE Federal’s Online Banking, our Personal Finance Manager is just a few clicks away.

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Under the “Accounts” tab click “OnTrack – Personal Finance”
  • Click the “OnTrack – Personal Finance” banner and from there you can set goals, enter your income and bills, and create spending targets.

The main goal our Personal Finance Manager is help you stay financially focused and gain more control and confidence. It’s easier than you think.

put your plan into action
Put Your Plan in Action

Spending just a little time on a regular basis to organize your spending and savings in the Personal Finance Manager allows you access to powerful tools that can help you make smarter financial decisions. Try adding a bill or income to the cash flow calendar to track what’s coming in and going out, or set up a spending target in your budget.

Stay in Touch, Stay on Track

The Personal Finance Manager also offers insights for making the most of your money and helps keep you on track with your entire financial plan, not just each separate piece.

To get started with OE Federal’s Personal Finance Manager today, login to Online Banking.