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OE Federal offers a number of Savings accounts and products to help you reach your financial goals! Just looking for a place to start? Try a free OE Federal Savings Account. This is a dividend bearing account that allows for up to three withdrawals per month at no cost. 

You can have multiple Savings Accounts to save for specific purposes. Planning to take a vacation this year? Need a Christmas account to save before the shopping season? Open a sub-Savings account. It's easier to keep track of your funds and know when you've reached your goal without dipping into your main savings account.

Think you don't need a Savings Account? Think again! A Savings Account is an important part of everyone's financial plan. Whether for long-term goals, like retirement, or for short-term plans like buying a car, the Savings Account is where it all begins. It's easy to get started. If you're a credit union member, you already have a Savings Account. Having a hard time saving? Check out this article on jump-starting your savings.  For a more involved look at how a Savings Account factors into your personal financial picture, see our Life Planning page.


Get the tools you need to help with your next financial decision. Whether you need to create a budget, save for a 'big ticket item' or see how much you need to save for retirement - choose from a list of calculators by clicking here


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