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March is National Women's History Month and to celebrate,
each week we are going to be highlighting women in the trade.

Meet Opal

Opal is an Operating Engineer with Local #3 Union District 80 and has been

in the union for 15 years. Opal’s motto is no matter what you’re doing in life,

just be safe while doing it, because your life can change in an instant

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Meet Gina

She’s a proud OE3 member of over 3 years and works on a paving crew. Gina likes being able to reminisce about projects that she had a hand in building.

Meet Shannon

She’s a proud Northern Nevada Laborers Local 169 member and works as a Field Safety Representative. Shannon’s favorite part of her job is the people that she works with. They are her family away from family and they can be safe while still having fun together.

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